[SftpTransmitterEndpoint] Unable to transmit file


Error SftpTransmitterEndpoint coms when using SFTP adapter and when processing documents for the send port,

ERROR Message – SftpTransmitterEndpoint

Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.DeliveryFailureException: Exceptions.Types.DeliveryFailureException —> Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.XlangSoapException: An error occurred while processing the message, refer to the details section for more information Message ID: {BBE650BD-6D54-499B-8D8F-39B8F073F5EB} Instance ID: {16BD5850-9B86-4734-8AF8-1696DAE53DBD} Error Description: An unexpected failure occurred while processing a message. The text associated with the exception is “[SftpTransmitterEndpoint] Unable to transmit file /incoming/c8551288-a4a6-4861-8b25-71cd8b8e74e8. Inner Exception: Unable write file to /incoming/c8551288-a4a6-4861-8b25-71cd8b8e74e8 Unable to connect to Sftp host [hostName]. Changing any Send Port Transport properties might require the host to be restarted, as the connection pool might still have connections“. — End of inner exception stack trace — at Microsoft.BizTalk.XLANGs.BTXEngine.ReceiveAReceipt.Execute(Segment s, Context cxt) at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.CompositeCxtCommand.Execute(Segment s, Context ctx) at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.Context.CleanupAndPrepareToCommit(Segment s) at GEP.BizTalk.Interfaces.Orchestrations.EPurchase_Outbound.segment4(StopConditions stopOn) at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.SegmentScheduler.RunASegment(Segment s, StopConditions stopCond, Exception& exp)


There are two solutions,

  1. Restart the mapped host instance with send port. Or,
  2. Set ‘SSH Connection Limit’ property to ‘0’ on SFTP send port configuration. By default value would be ’10’, set it to ‘0’.

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