Final Version of BizTalk Terminator Tool Released

I just wanted to announce that the final version of the standalone BizTalk Terminator tool – v2.5 – has just been released.
Terminator functionality is not going away. All further development will continue via the maintenance node in BizTalk Health Monitor (BHM).
Below is a quick comparison of the two versions of Terminator:
Tool Version Standalone Terminator BHM Terminator
Available as a standalone tool maintenance node within BHM
Recommended for BizTalk 2004 – 2009 BizTalk 2010 and above
Supports BizTalk 2004 – 2013 R2 BizTalk 2010 and above
Future Tool Updates No
Version 2.5 is the final version.
Support for BTS2016 or above will not be added.
All tool updates happen here.
BTS2016 support just added in BHM v4
Future Task Repository Updates Yes
Via Update Task Repository menu item (see below).
Only repository updates for BTS2013R2 or below.
Via auto-update mechanism.
All repository updates will apply
Tool Expiration No more time bomb with v2.5 No
Update Task Repository Menu Item in Standalone Terminator
  • When you open Terminator, click the Help menu at the top left and you will see the Update Task Repository menu item.
  • Clicking this does the following:
    • Renames the existing MaintenanceRep.dll (located in the same folder as Terminator) to MaintenanceRep[DATETIME].dll
    • Downloads the current MaintenanceRep.dll from Azure
  • This feature requires external internet access as well as .NET 4.0 or above for Azure connectivity.  If you don’t have either of those on your BizTalk machine, you will need to run Terminator on a box that does and then just copy over the new MaintenanceRep.dll onto your BizTalk machine.  The box where you do this does not need to have access to BizTalk.
  • The Update Task Repository menu item is disabled once Terminator connects to a BizTalk environment.  You will need to close and re-open Terminator for it to be re-enabled.
  • See here for a list of repository updates released so far (only the Maintenance Repository is relevant to Terminator)
(If you’re still seeing 2.4, refresh your browser)

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