Biztalk Server 2020 Support Lifecycle

In this blog post, we’ll learn about the Biztalk Server 2020 Support Lifecycle. BizTalk Server 2020 is Microsoft’s promise to existing and prospective BizTalk Server customers that the product will be supported until 2030.

BizTalk 2020 mainstream support

The Biztalk team has extended the Mainstream Support period for the Biztalk Server 2020 release by three years. As a result of this, the mainstream support period will be extended from April 8, 2025, to April 11, 2028. Customers will be able to get security updates, non-security upgrades, and incident support for an extra three years after Mainstream Support ends. The overall end of support date of April 9, 2030, will not be affected by this change. This extension of the mainstream support period is, we believe, the ideal way to help our Biztalk customers. While we advise clients to seek Azure cloud products as a replacement for Biztalk, we will continue to serve our current customers.

As a supplemental product to the Biztalk Server license, this will also extend Mainstream Support for Host Integration Server 2020.

Biztalk Server 2020 Support Lifecycle

  New end of mainstream support  End of extended support 
BizTalk Server 2020 April 11, 2028  April 9, 2030 
Host Integration Server 2020  July 11, 2028  July 9, 2030 

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