Microsoft Integration Road-map 2016

First I want to wish Happy New Year to all my readers, friends and my sweet family. Last year 2015 I had created my first blogger and posted some article for my readers. I am frequently active on MSDN forum as well as TechNet Wiki Ninjas Facebook Page. I have learned many new things in that year. Now we have new year 2016 with more energy. 

This is my first blog in year 2016 and I hope all of my reader will enjoy to read this and will helpful for all BizTalk Techies.

There was lot of debate and frustration within the Microsoft BizTalk Server community, what is going to be Microsoft Roadmap with BizTalk and I have some forum discussion related this,
Is Biztalk Dead or Anyone has update new version of biztalk

Microsoft released the public road map that gives the holistic approach to Integration and the key product offerings that contribute to Microsoft Integration strategy. You can download the Microsoft Integration Roadmap document here

We would like to highlight the following points

  • Continuing commitment to BizTalk Server, with our 10th release of BizTalk Server in Q4 2016.
  • Expansion of our iPaaS vision to provide a comprehensive and compelling integration offering spanning both traditional and modern integration requirements. Preview refresh in January 2016 and General Availability (GA) in April 2016.
  • Deliver our iPaaS offering on premises through Azure Stack in preview in Q2 2016 and GA by end of the 2016.
  • Strong roadmap and significant investments to ensure we continue to be recognized as a market leader in integration.
  • The next release of Host Integration Server is planned on the same timeline as BizTalk Server below.
BizTalk Server “2016” key planned features
  • Platform alignment – SQL 2016, Windows Server 2016, Office 2016 and latest release of Visual Studio.
  • BizTalk support for SQL 2016 AlwaysOn Availability Groups both on-premises and in Azure IaaS to provide high availability (HA).
  • HA production workloads supported in Azure IaaS.
  • Tighter integration between BizTalk Server and API connectors to enable BizTalk Server to consume our cloud connectors such as SalesForce.Com and O365 more easily.
  • Numerous enhancements including
    • Improved SFTP adapter,
    • Improved WCF NetTcpRelay adapter with SAS support
    • WCF-SAP adapter based on NCo (.NET library)
    • SHA2 support
  • Host Integration Server “2016”
    • New and improved BizTalk adapters for Informix, MQ & DB2.
    • Improvements to PowerShell integration and installation and configuration.
We are very thankful to Microsoft for this great initiative and with this roadmap one thing is sure BizTalk wasn’t dead before and isn’t dead now. We will be seeing a new version of BizTalk in 2016. Microsoft announced that on December 24th 2015, a few days back. Thank You Microsoft.

Stay tuned for more updates and next blog until then Happy Reading 🙂

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